A bit of background


Faz and Miriam here from Surrey, UK.

We want to help you make everyday challenges and general life stuff, that bit easier to manage and solve. By sharing our personal experiences and things we have learnt along the way, we aim to break down the complicated and not so complicated aspects of life, giving you quick and easy guidance. We cover a wide range of topics, as life is so varied, so there’s something for everyone.

Nice to meet you! I work in advertising in an award winning digital advertising agency in London. I have held multiple leadership positions as Head of Analytics, Head of Digital Ad Operations and am currently Chief Technology Officer.

But this website is about what I do outside of work – DIY – solving everyday issues that come with owning a house, a car and having a family – getting geeky with personal finance and of course tech.

I also hold a Finance degree and happen to be a part qualified chartered accountant with a strong mathematics background. So as you can guess already, all aspects of my life involve a somewhat logical, mathematical approach. Everything has to be backed up by numbers 😉 And then the experience comes in.”

“Hello! I’m on maternity leave at the moment, being a full time mum to our beautiful baby boy. As a first time parent, I’m learning so much – navigating and seeing life in new and different ways. Besides this, I work for an international development charity supporting the disadvantaged and vulnerable people in developing countries across Africa and Asia. I’ve worked in various roles within this organisation and have been able to travel and work in different countries because of it. 

I also love cooking, baking and gardening. Being outside amongst nature is my happy place. Surrounding myself with flora and fauna (especially now with my son) is so good for my mind, body and soul. I use this time to try and practice mindfulness and meditation.”

As you can see, we are just ordinary people, living life to the full and experiencing all it has to offer. Just like you! We want to give you our real views and honest opinions, being genuine about a broad range of problems we solve and ideas we come up with in everyday life.

Feel free to get in touch with us, we’d love to hear from you.

Here’s to the start of making your life that bit easier! 🙂

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