Electricity and Gas Provider Cost Comparison Calculator

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If you are shopping for the cheapest electricity and gas supplier and still not sure which provider actually works out cheaper, then this gas and electricity cost comparison calculator is for you.

I created a version of this calculator on Microsoft Excel for our household recently. I find it very useful in comparing the exact difference between energy providers because there are more than a few pricing elements that make up the actual cost of energy you will end up paying with a provider.


So I can make this calculator accessible to everyone, I have decided to build a web version of this gas and electricity cost calculator in case others might find it useful too.

How can this electricity and gas comparison calculator help you?

You may have noticed that most providers have a standing charge, then a day rate per kWh and also a night rate.

Now some providers may offer a lower cost per kWh, however, their standing charge may be higher standing charge is a fixed cost you pay per day regardless of how much energy you use).

Therefore, even if a provider looks more cost effective from a kWh rate perspective, they may workout to be more expensive because of the standing charge.

This calculator will enable you to see exactly how much your new supplier will cost you per day, month or year overall taking into account both cost per kWh and standing charge. You can also input rates and costs from 2 suppliers side by side to see the exact difference in cost too.

So if you’re ready, go ahead and enter the standing charge, cost per kWh, your average daily consumption, and the calculator will do the rest.

Electricity and Gas cost Comparison Calculator

We hope that you found this gas and electricity provider cost comparison calculator useful.

Please do get in touch if you have any suggestions to improve this calculator or you have an idea for a different calculator.

Thanks again and speak soon!

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