Mobile Phone Provider Cost Comparison Calculator

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When you are shopping for mobile phone contracts, it can be tricky to workout which provider is cheaper in the long run. This mobile phone contract cost comparison calculator will help you workout your overall cost of a mobile phone contract. This calculator will also show you if you are better off buying a handset outright with a sim only contract instead of signing up to a full handset +sim contract for long periods of time.

Some providers may not require an upfront handset cost. They will charge a lower monthly fee, but will require you to sign up to a longer contract duration. At first glance, it may look cheaper, but in reality, you will end up paying more over the whole contract duration.

This mobile phone contract comparison calculator will help you compare up to two providers side by side and workout exactly how much you will pay over the whole contract duration. This calculation will be based on: any upfront costs, monthly phone bill, and total duration of the mobile phone contract.

Towards the end of the calculator, there is an additional section where you can workout if you are better off buying the handset outright and just getting a sim only contract. Depending on the type of set you get, most of the times, you will notice that overall, it works out cheaper to go this route.

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