How to Replace Beko Oven Door Glass – Beko BXIF35300X

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This is a rather straightforward post on how to replace a Beko oven door glass if it breaks.

Our Beko fitted oven door glass shattered recently. So this post will document our search for a replacement oven door glass and the process of replacing it with pictures and videos too.

Our Beko oven

The good thing about Beko ovens is that there are plenty of online spare parts suppliers out there. So no matter what Beko oven you have, it is likely that you will find every possible screw and bolt that you may ever need replacing.

What was wrong with our Beko oven door

Our Beko oven door model is BXIF35300X. We purchased this as a replacement for the old oven that was already there when we bought our house a few years ago. We were limited by the space and the existing kitchen unit, so we decided to settle for a quick purchase until we decided to have the whole kitchen remodelled.

The oven door was made up of 3 main parts which were all glass. This means that the oven has a sleek look, however, the disadvantage is that it’s easier to break.

Beko BXIF35300X door diagram

The innermost glass shattered as per the diagram above.

The “plastic decor” which is essentially a plastic bracket that keeps both middle and innermost glass in place had also snapped. 

Where did we buy our Beko replacement oven door glass from

There are a few websites which seemed to sell the part. Beko also have a dedicated website for spare parts –

We somehow ended up ordering our spare parts from as their delivery estimate was quicker at the time. 

Espares website options for our Beko oven door replacement glasses

As you can see on the picture above, Espares labelled the innermost glass we needed replacing as “Main Oven Front Door Glass” vs Beko calling it “innermost glass” in their manual.

So we ended up sending a message to Espares through their website asking for a product recommendation first.

We received a product recommendation link from Espares stating that they have found the product we need. So we went ahead and purchased both the plastic decor and the glass panel. However, that fell quite flat on its face pretty quickly.

Once the items arrived, we realised that they had sent the panel that goes in the middle and not the innermost panel which was quite frustrating.

After contacting Espares, they were quick to respond but told us that we will have to pay for return postage £2.99. This was quite unpleasant as I had already paid for shipping once and now to have it sent back I will have to pay postage again and to buy the right one, I will have to pay postage for the third time.

Anyhow, fast forward all of that, I placed another order with Espares for the right glass door – which according to Espares is called “Main Oven Front Door Glass”.

Moral of the story – please double and triple check before you place an order for a spare part for your oven. Terminologies used by spare part sellers are completely different to manufacturer terminologies. Additionally, descriptions on spare parts websites can be quite generic and not very informative as the parts can be quite small. So you will be left with lots of guess work by looking at pictures unless you email the sellers. And even then, they may get it wrong sometimes.

Step by step guide on how to replace Beko oven door glass

Here’s a step by step guide on how we went about replacing the our oven door glass. It is really straightforward and will take you no longer that 10 minutes, that is, if you have the right parts to hand!

Step 1: Removing the door from the oven unit


First step is to remove the door from the oven unit. Beko oven door designs are quite intuitive in the sense that all you need is a flat head screw driver to remove the door. The door is held in place on the hinge by a clip on each hinge. You simply press the clips down, and pull the door off. 

A picture of the Beko BXIF35300X manual outlining how to remove the door from hinge

Step 2: Replace the broken plastic decor/bracket


In our case, the plastic bracket that keeps the glasses in place broke as well. So once you remove the plastic bracket by applying gentle pressure outwards, both the middle and innermost glass should be free to remove. Obviously if one of the glass has shattered already, you will only have one to remove 😉

Step 3: Attaching the new oven glass door

The final step is to replace both the inner and innermost glasses back on the door and fixing the plastic decor/bracket. Please refer to the video below for step by step guide on this.

You can then simply re-attach the oven door on to the hinges and lock the clips back up again. 

Video: How to replace Beko oven door glass

The video below is a step by step guide of the process we followed in replacing our Beko oven glass door. 

As always, we hope that you found this post useful incase you landed here looking for advice on how to replace the Beko oven glass door. Please do let us know if you have any questions. 

Thank you and speak soon!

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